About Us

About Simola

Simola is standing tall and strong on the basis of its strong brand philosophy. We strongly believe in serving best quality products. To satisfy this urge of ours, we keep control of each and every aspect of our working. Be it the technology, employees or the dealers, we invest efforts in getting it all right.

Simola is a reputed manufacturer of technically-advanced vitrified tiles , providing an expansive range of vitrified tile décor options for home and commercial interiors. A private limited company based in the western-Indian ceramic hub of Morbi (Gujarat), Simola’s modern manufacturing unit is technically supported by SACMI, a recognized worldwide leader of manufacturing machines and complete plants for the Ceramics industry.

Simola continuously endeavors to maintain exacting international standards of procurement, production and quality testing. The modern testing facilities are equipped to qualify every tile by its length, straightness, thickness, shape and surface. Every tile is also tested for its hardness, water absorption, flexural strength and abrasion resistance. Other technical specifications checked include skid resistance, breaking strength, density, frost resistance, chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance, colour resistance, thermal expansion, stain resistance, moisture expansion and glossiness.


To exceed the expectations of our customers by providing quality and innovative products and build a strong long term profitable relationship based on mutual trust and respect.


We will achieve our vision through

  • Spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • The excellence in all we do
  • The constant improvement in our operation efficiency
  • Hiring, developing and retaining the best people
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Goal oriented working culture
  • Focused approach


Speed: Prompt in all action
Intimacy: Relationship first
Majesty: Dignity to work
Openness: Honesty to work
Liveliness: Sprit for the work Adoration: Respect to work

Technical strength

We aim to spread the beauty of perfect surfacing hence we don’t take chances when it comes to the technology used. We have a technical collaboration with, Sacmi (Italy). This alliance helps us to stay updated with innovations and technological developments as this group invests in innovative technology based on their research and development. Using state-of-the-art technology helps us to stay indisputable in terms of product quality. Not only quality, but we are doing well in the quantifiable aspects also, as our existing production capacity is of 3.28 milion Sq.Mtr per anum and in the nearest future we are going to add 4.32 milion sq.mtr of further production facility. Our Digital Printing Machine comes from System with 8 BAR and Nano Machine used by us comes from NADE. Due to such magnificent amenities we can do justice to bulk-size orders of our clientele. Besides, our warehouse area too is vast and spacious. It provides us ample storage capacity for storing the products with optimum safety and it also has a standardized testing facility that is equipped with high-end testing equipment that can validate the strength, resistance and durability features of the tiles produced.

Care for nature

In this day and age, global warming is a buzzword but very few act to control the same. However, Simola is an exception here, as it maintains all the necessary standards to be eco-friendly. We make sure that our practices cause minimum wastage and we also recycle to the extent possible. We follow manufacturing practices that help us to reduce pollution ratio.


Simola is one of the finest ceramic entities, serving best in class products. We owe this pride as we are backed by a well-rigged infrastructure setting. It is a fully automated plant that is built in accord with state-of-the-art technology. High end resources are brought to function here to produce a variety of tiles and once they are produced, they are checked for their uniformity, finish, dimensions and polish. All this happens as per the guidelines and international standards.